I've never hosted before. When does the onboarding process start & how long does the onboarding process take? 

This time frame tends to sit around 3 weeks from the date you are 100% finished preparing the property to hand it over to Indulge in a guest-ready condition & after we have completed the initial walkthrough.  *Please note – Onboarding time is subject to the client’s completion of our basic guest-ready requirements, current STR license status, and custom requests such as interior design, amenity upgrades, and maintenance that may be out of our control.

Do I need to purchase my own bed linens & towels? 

No. These requirements can vary from city to city so please be sure to inquire for more details during the sales & onboarding processes.  Please note – while linens & towels are typically worked into the onboarding process you are responsible for some of the basic bedding items (duvet inserts, pillows, pillow protectors, mattress protectors, throw pillows, throw blankets, etc.)

How long after professional photography will my STR be Live?

It usually takes about one week to receive the fully edited, high-res photos back from our photographer.  After that they are approved for upload and the listing will be sent to you as soon as it goes live.

Does Indulge offer interior design services?

Yes.  Our design crew will work with you to determine your needs.  We offer full design services or simply a design refresh using your existing furniture.  

Does Indulge manage pet-friendly properties?

Yes we do!  

Will Indulge get my STRO License?

We will absolutely help owners and hosts navigate the process to obtain a STRO license.  Our knowledgeable team will be there with you from application to renewal!

Does Indulge maintain standard cleaning practices?

Every space is professionally cleaned & disinfected after each guest. We follow strict VRMA & VRHP guidelines. For more information on vacation rental cleaning standards, visit VRMA/VRHP’s website here. Additionally, we regularly inspect properties and maintain rigorous standards for upkeep & maintenance. 

When will my listing be pushed to platforms other than Airbnb?

The data will be sent to the desired platforms after the onboarding process has been completed. Depending on the platform, these onboards can take a few weeks.

*In some instances, certain properties will not qualify for distribution based on amenities, location, rating, etc.  


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